zondag 20 november 2011

Versace for H&M

Thursday I went to the Versace for H&M launch and bought a printed dress, metallic skirt and boots. I brought the boots back because they weren't my style and not easy to wear. My habit with new clothes is that I want to wear them immediately, I don't have the patient to wait to wear them for the right occasion so I'm often overdressed! 
Last Friday I attended the Nelly High Heels Tour in Rotterdam. I love shoe parties so I had a great time with other bloggers. Off course I wore my new Versace dress and I can't wait to wear it again! I hope you like the pictures!


10 opmerkingen:

  1. süpppeeeerrrrr


  2. küpelerle bu şahane elbise ile muhteşem ikili olmuşlar;)

  3. Oh lucky you! That dress is gorgeous. I had a peek on the H&M website at the stuff and thought it looked lovely.




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