zondag 23 januari 2011

Last purchases

I went to Amsterdam today to do some pre spring shopping. I went to the Monki store but I really was disappointed. There was nothing special that I really liked, just some basic stuff that I can find at H&M too.
I have to be honest, Monki did make me very happy! You know that I'm in love with the pumps of Louis Vuitton but it was way over my budget and I found some lookalikes at Monki so I'm very happy I went there.I also bought some items at River Island and H&M Trend. Just before I was heading home I went to a big department store just to look around but unfortunately I saw the new collection of Sonia Rykiel.
I forgot my new years resolutions and bought a T-shirt that comes with a bag of Sonia.
So I've to start again in Februari!Here are some items that I bought.

River Island jacket
Monki pumps
Sonia Rykiel Tee & tote
River Island printed jumpsuit & shirt/dress

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie pumps! De rest ziet er ook leuk uit.

  2. Je hebt mooie foto's voor op je blog! Ik zou eigenlijk naast je willen wonen en je beste vriendin zijn en lekker samen shoppen hahaha. Kusje schat!
    LOESJE (old classmate)

  3. Nice pumps!!

    Love it like a fat kid loves cake (or burger king)!

  4. Die pumps zijn echt schattig!
    Leuk shirt van sonia rykiel.




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